Currently, I work for Temple University Libraries as a Bibliographic Assistant II in the Digital Library Initiatives department, the unit responsible for maintaining the libraries’ Digital Collections, digitizing the treasures in the Urban Archives and the Special Collections department (collectively known as the Special Collections Research Center), maintaining the libraries’ website, and conducting long-term planning for digital preservation and access. I supervise student workers and participate in multiple projects involving the digitization of photographs, yearbooks, manuscripts, pamphlets, and ephemera. Our digital repository software is ContentDM. In the future I will also be working on projects involving creating specialized interpretive content websites using Drupal.

I am a 2011 graduate of Drexel University’s iSchool with a Masters of Library and Information Science.  My primary interests are digital libraries, digitization projects, digital preservation, metadata, digital humanities, and archives.

My bachelor’s degree is in Linguistics from the University of Pennsylvania. At that time, my focus was on Spanish linguistics and sociolinguistics (bilingualism, pidgins and creoles, language change).  I have a minor concentration in Spanish language and literature.

Currently, my interest in linguistics has shifted to large scale computerized data analysis, such as the work done by Mark Liberman and the Linguistic Data Consortium at Penn. I attended the Digging Into Data 2011 conference sponsored by the NEH and JISC, and saw wonderful examples of digital humanities projects, including 3 projects involving large corpuses of linguistic data.

Another interest of mine is film and cinema studies, especially silent film, Latin American and Spanish film, and Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transgendered film.  I would like to learn more about film preservation, which is an ongoing project at the Urban Archives.