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VUStuff IV at Villanova University

large cluster of small wild mushrooms

Web crawls can mushroom if left unchecked!

This year was my second year attending VUStuff, a one-day conference on scholarly communication and digital humanities hosted by the Falvey Memorial  Library of Villanova University. My colleague Katherine Lynch and I made a presentation about web archiving and what institutions need to consider before embarking on a web archiving project using some of the popular hosted services like CDL WAS or Archive-It“Saving the Web, One Site at a Time: Technical Considerations for Developing a Web-Archiving Solution”.

If anyone is interested to read our talk, I believe that a PDF and possibly a video will be posted at the VUSTuff site at some later date.  If not, I will see about hosting a copy on Slideshare. Katherine found some excellent graphics to illustrate our points, including cute penguins, friendly zombies, and out-of-control mushrooms.

As it turns out, we won the Vuie Award for 2013! What an honor! Thanks to David Uspal, Laura Bang, Demian Katz, Darren Polley and the entire crew at Falvey Library for hosting VUSTuff and the Tech Superfecta.